These resources are listed as a service and should not be construed as an endorsement of the organizations, the content of their websites, their programs or the views expressed by their leadership or any individuals associated with the organizations. Similarly, non-listing should not be construed as a critique. We will be adding resources over time.

Learning About Islam

Understanding Islam, Qur’an search, Prayer times, etc: Islamicity

National membership organization for American Muslims: Islamic Society of North America

Under the leadership of Shaykha Tamara Gray, Rabata is dedicated to building spiritual ties between women, the spiritual upbringing of women by women, and the establishment of the female voice in scholarship:

Under the leadership of Shaykha Reima Yousif, Rawiya empowers women and men to live their faith with integrity through programs that facilitate traditional Islamic knowledge in a manner relevant to the Western

Led by Imam Hamid Slimi, Sayeda Khadija Centre provides a broad range of educational learning services for all ages:

Muslim four-year liberal arts and religious college: Zaytuna College

ATS-accredited graduate level professional Islamic religious leadership: The Islamic Chaplaincy Program at Hartford Seminary

Islamic culture, religion and women’s empowerment: The American Society for Muslim Advancement

Promoting theory and practice of Islamic non-violence:The Muslim Peace Fellowship

Empowering Muslim women through the knowledge and practice of Islam: Women in Islam, Inc

Islamic information and products: Soundvision

Online courses in traditional Islamic learning: Seekers Guidance under the leadership of Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions About Muslims: Islamic Networks Group

Learning resources, FAQs, invite a speaker: Islamic Networks Group

Accessible articles on Islamic theology, culture and ethics by American scholar and religious leader Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah at the Nawawi Foundation reading room

Articles by British theologian and lecturer at Cambridge University T.J. Winter, also known as Shaikh Abdal-Hakim Murad:

Under the leadership of Shaykh A.H. Murad the Cambridge Muslim College offers a diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership:

Articles and lectures by American scholar and religious leader Imam Zaid Shakir:

Academic articles on Islamic law and public policy by Dr. Mohammad Fadel:

Articles and lectures by American congregational leader and scholars Imam Suhaib Webb:

A scholar who specializes in Hadith literature, and Sunni and Salafi thought: Dr. Jonathan A. Brown

A scholar whose research and publications focus on topics ranging from Muslim women to Islamic philosophy and language:Dr. Zainab Alwani

Blog by leading Muslim ethicist Dr. Ebrahim Moosa

Arabic and Classical Islamic Studies online and in Jordan: Qasid Arabic Institute

Public policy and religious leadership for today’s global society, based in traditional Islamic values and learning: Tabah Foundation

Programs and events that promote research-based information on Islam across the globe: Duke Islamic Studies Center:

Gallup Center for Muslim Studies:

Leading research on issues of importance to American Muslims: Institute for Social Policy Understanding

Profiling and promoting the work of historical and contemporary Muslim women leaders: Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality

Toronto-based organization with a focus on promoting holistic religious, educational and spiritual living in the Islamic tradition:Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation

Muslim Retreat and Education Center in Spain: Alqueria de Rosales

Dynamic and creative Dutch Muslim women’s organization: Al Nisa

Academic study of Islamic Theology in Germany: University of Osnabrück Institute of Islamic Theology

Academic study of Islamic Theology in Germany: Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen Center for Islamic Theology

The Rahmah Foundation is an independent, educational organization that is committed to continuously designing retreats and educational programs that addresses topics unique to Muslim women: