These resources are listed as a service and should not be construed as an endorsement of the organizations, the content of their websites, their programs or the views expressed by their leadership or any individuals associated with the organizations. Similarly, non-listing should not be construed as a critique. We will be adding resources over time.

Interfaith Resources

Interfaith Organizations and Activism

Largest global coalition of religious organizations dedicated to promoting peace: Religions for Peace

The most successful Christian-Muslim interfaith initiative in history: A Common Word

Muslim and Jewish Congregations annual hospitality and learning: Weekend of Twinning between mosques and synagogues:

Interfaith projects between American Muslims, Christians and Jews led by the Islamic Society of North America:

Interfaith retreat and learning center in upstate New York: Community of Living Traditions

Ending torture of detainees and prisoners in war and in domestic incarceration: National Religious Campaign against Torture

Leadership training and activism for people of all faiths: Interfaith Youth Corps

Encounter different textual traditions: Scriptural Reasoning: reflecting together on sacred texts: