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Crowdfunding Soumayyas’s Sadaqa (Ongoing)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - Wednesday, March 1, 2017
12:00 am

soumUPDATE: Because of your generosity we have surpassed our goal to fund a well and when we reach 200% will be able to fund another!

In Memory of our beloved daughter we (Ingrid Mattson and Amer Aatek) are launching a campaign to build a water well in her name.

At fourteen, Soumayya was inflicted with a debilitating disease which left her in a great deal of pain and eventually, bedridden. Her hopes and dreams of making an impact on the world were dashed – or so she thought. For the next thirteen years, Soumayya taught us the meaning of patience, endurance and mercy. She understood suffering, because she experienced so much of it. All she wanted to do was to alleviate the suffering of others. And she did this, from her bed, comforting, supporting and encouraging others. When we wanted to support orphans on her behalf, she looked for those whose plight received little attention from others. She chose to support orphans in Niger.

Many people have expressed a wish to give charity in Soumayya’s name since she returned to her Creator. You may do so by supporting the building of a water well in Niger. This well will give life to people, animals and crops, thereby regenerating whole communities. May God bless all those who do good.

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